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2021-04-11 Definition and synonyms of warrant from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.. This is the British English definition of warrant.View American English definition of warrant.. Change your default dictionary to American English. Stock warrants, like stock options, give investors the right to buy (via a call warrant) or sell (via a put warrant) a specific stock at a certain price level (strike price) before a certain date Equity Warrant A warrant in which the underlying security is a stock.

Warrant meaning

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If there is any pertinent evidence that can be presented to the judge warrant. 1) n. an order (writ) of a court which directs a law enforcement officer (usually a sheriff) to arrest and bring a person before the judge, such as a person who is charged with a crime, convicted of a crime but failed to appear for sentencing, owes a fine, or is in contempt of court. 2019-07-08 1. A warrant was made out, and he was forthwith sent to the jail. 2. The signs of the times now warrant the hope of its fulfilment.

What is a Share Warrant? Conditions for issuing share warrants; Merits of Share   15 Aug 2015 Definition of Warrant · An authorization, justification, or sanction · A written document, issued by a court, authorizing law enforcement officers to  12 Feb 2009 What the Warrant Means: Justice, Peace, and the Key Actors in Sudan to issue an arrest warrant for Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir is  26 Apr 2020 Definition of Warrants · the right (not the obligation) · to buy (call option) or to sell ( put option) · an underlying product (stock, index, commodity,  17 Oct 2019 But the absence of the term “search” in “arrest warrant” doesn't mean that officers can't nab evidence in the course of apprehending someone. Definition.

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1. An order that serves as authorization, especially: a.

Warrant meaning

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Warrant meaning

1 Mar 2021 Warrant.

Warrant meaning

2021-04-12 · A warrant is a legal document that allows someone to do something, especially one that is signed by a judge or magistrate and gives the police permission to arrest someone or search their house. Police confirmed that they had issued a warrant for his arrest. 1 A document issued by a legal or government official authorizing the police or another body to make an arrest, search premises, or carry out some other action relating to the administration of justice. ‘magistrates issued a warrant for his arrest’. More example sentences. ‘an extradition warrant’.
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Warrant meaning

Knowing your legal rights surrounding arrest warrants, as well as the process of how arrest warrants are issues, i Arrest Warrant: A written order issued by authority of the state and commanding the seizure of the person named. An arrest warrant must be based on a complaint that alleges Probable Cause that the person named has committed a specific offense, and it must be issued according to the formalities required by the rules of the court. The Federal Warrant. A written order issued by a judicial officer or other authorized person commanding a law enforce ment officer to perform some act incident to the administration of justice. Warrants are recognized in many different forms and for a variety of purposes in the law. A warrant in which the underlying security is a stock. That is, an equity warrant is a certificate issued with a security giving the holder the option of buying a stock at a certain strike price for a certain period of time.

‘On receipt of the authority to proceed the note that is issued by authorities for someone who is to be arrested warrant: 1 n formal and explicit approval Synonyms: countenance , endorsement , imprimatur , indorsement , sanction Types: O.K. , OK , okay , okeh , okey an endorsement visa an endorsement made in a passport that allows the bearer to enter the country issuing it nihil obstat the phrase used by the official censor of the Roman Catholic Church represents or warrants in a contract to introduce statements of fact. Those who attribute significance to those verbs, whether used separately or together, ignore warrant meaning, definition, what is warrant: a legal document that is signed by a jud: Learn more. Define arrest warrant. arrest warrant synonyms, arrest warrant pronunciation, arrest warrant translation, English dictionary definition of arrest warrant. Noun 1. arrest warrant - a warrant authorizing law enforcement officials to apprehend an offender and bring that person to court bench warrant warrant warrant definition: 1. an official document that allows someone to do something, for example that allows a police….
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Synonyms: allowance, authorization, clearance… Antonyms: interdiction, prohibition, proscription… What does search-warrant mean? A legal order allowing a law enforcement officer to search certain premises for evidence of a crime. (noun) What is the Meaning of Capias Warrant and When is it Issued? A capias warrant is one that is issued if a person is held in contempt of court. However, there are many aspects to this powerful document. OpinionFront explains what a capias warrant is, in detail.

Warrants are recognized in many different forms and for a variety of purposes in the law. If you watch cop shows, you know that a warrant is something police need to get into your house — a permission slip from a judge. Warrant definition, authorization, sanction, or justification.
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to make a particular activity necessary: 2. used to say that you are certain about something…. Learn more. What is a Warrant?